Residential Services

Residential Services

We are a family business and we know exactly what the stresses, strains and challenges are that people face on a day-to-day basis to budget their finances. Our approach is to get to know our customer and understand what it is they need to help them reduce their energy costs.

Solar Panel Batteries

Our Solar panels generate electricity from light and any excess is usually returned to the grid. This means after dark you are relying on your energy supplier to provide electricity at a chargeable rate. The new range of Solar PV battery storage means you can store your energy and use it at any time day or night and ultimately reduce your dependence on your energy supplier, also protecting yourself from future electricity price rises.

JTE can perform a free no obligation survey and create a tailor made package for you that will deliver maximum benefit.

To find out if your property is suitable for a solar PV system, CLICK HERE

  The process is simple:

1. Register your details

2. Desktop survey –  Our design team will carry out an unobtrusive desk-top survey to ensure your property is suitable.  We will check your roof type, the orientation of your property in relation to the sun and look for any obstructions.

3. Results – We will contact you with the results of the initial survey.  If your property is suitable we will book an appointment for one of our team to visit your home and talk you through the process.

4. Quote – The assessor will provide you with a detailed quote and explanation of what is involved.

5. Install – the system will be installed and a support pack will be left.

6. Saving – start saving of your energy bills!

blue panel

Blue Panel

black panel

Black Panel

integrated black panel

Integrated Black Panel  

What are the benefits?

Reduced Energy Bills

A solar panel system will generate FREE electricity for your home which can be used instead of paying for electricity from your energy provider.  It is unlikely that your system will be able to generate enough electricity to power your home continuously, but by adding a battery storage facility to your system you will benefit from the maximum amount of electricity generated.

Feed-in Tariff 

Feed -in tariff payments are tax free incentive rewards which home owners receive for generating their own energy and feeding back any unused energy into the grid.  The payments are received for 20 years following the installation and registration of the system.   

There are two types of tariffs, both of which are adjusted quarterly in line with the Retail Price Index of inflation. They are:

Generation Tariff – this is a fixed payment for each kWh of electricity the system generates.  It is captured by a meter on the system, similar to a normal electricity meter.

Export Tariff – this is another fixed payment for each kWh of electricity which the system generates and is then fed into the National Grid as it hasn’t been used.

Both of these tariffs create a return on the investment made in buying the system.  So along with reduced energy bills they are a great incentive to generating your own energy!   

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ECO-MAX HOME – Voltage Optimisation

eco max voltage optimiser

In line with CE regulations, most of the UK’s electrical equipment is designed to operate most efficiently at 220-230v. For historic reasons our electricity is supplied to homes at an average of 242v but could be as high as 253v. It is a little known fact that the more voltage you apply to an appliance the more energy it consumes – costing you more and shortening the life of the device. By matching your voltage supply to piece of equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and prolong the life of your household appliances.


Fitted in a few hours and also suitable for small businesses, an Eco-Max Home Voltage Optimiser will 

reduce any excess voltage leaving you with lower bills and lengthening the life of your electrical appliances.

  • Typically reduces your electricity consumption by 12%
  • Three settings for maximum control
  • Fitted in a morning – works instantly
  • No maintenance
  • No Quibble 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Works well with Solar PV wind & heat pumps
  • Made in the UK
  • Full guarantee



solar panel batteries      solar panel batteries