Solar Panel warranties and insurance guarantees!

Solar Panel Warranties

What would you do if your solar panels or inverter stopped working and you found your installer had gone out of business?

Under normal circumstances when you have an installation everything goes without a hitch. Solar panels are extremely well made and very rarely develop a fault. 
However, we recently had reason to visit a customer who had a solar panel installation in 2012. The inverter had developed a fault and was no longer registering the feed-in-tariff. The first point of contact would be the installer, but if they are no longer trading your next step would be to contact the manufacturer. They can normally replace the faulty part under warranty as long as it was registered. 
Unfortunately for this customer, despite the usual warranties, both the installer and manufacturer were no longer in business. 
So what should you do in this instance?
  • If you are one of the unlucky ones and your installer and/or manufacturer has gone out of business call the RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code). They will provide you with advice on what to do next.
  If you are new to solar panels and thinking about having an installation then make sure you take the following steps;
  • Firstly, before installation, ensure your chosen installer has an insurance backed guarantee.  If things go wrong you could be left with a hefty bill for repairs. You could also lose out on the Feed-in-Tariff and free electricity.
  • Secondly, when you receive your customer pack at the end of the job, check with your installer what is covered under your insurance . Is it just workmanship or does it also cover the inverter and panels etc?
  • Finally, make sure your installer registers the insurance backed guarantee and you have registered your warranty for both the panels and the inverter.