Warehouse LED lighting

Warehouse LED lighting

Warehouse LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular mainly due to the cost savings that can be made. LED lighting isn’t just common in warehouses, but in any venue that contains high ceilings and is 15 or more feet.

There are two main types of energy efficient lightbulbs in the UK. Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). By installing LEDS’s the lighting levels don’t change but the wattage changes significantly.

Why is Warehouse LED lighting a better option than fluorescent tubes and other lighting solutions currently on the market?

The main advantage of warehouse LED lighting is the cost saving, it’s not uncommon for warehouses to save as much as 85% on electric bills compared to other lighting alternatives.  This is just one benefit, there are many more….

Warehouse lighting (LED) provides a better quality or at least the same light with half of the average electricity usage as legacy lighting fixtures. Warehouses will normally recover all costs of a typical transition to LED warehouse lighting in less than 2 years. Furthermore, unlike high-bay industrial lighting fixtures, LED lamps illuminate fully almost immediately once powered on. Meaning that warehouses will have no down time with LED lighting.

Additionally, with light at full capacity, LED warehouse lighting fixtures will generate light at full or near to maximum capacity for 50,000 hours, and in some circumstances up to 100,000 hours. This can reduce warehouse maintenance and repair costs, as well as reducing interruptions due to a lack of down time while the fixtures are being replaced.

Safety and efficiency are also improved by LED lighting in a typical warehouse operation. With most modern warehouses being fast-paced and always busy, good lighting is vital to the operation and success of the warehouse. Many employees of these warehouses are paid to move and to pick up products with little time for deliberation, therefore poorly lit warehouses slow down this process as well as being a potential health hazard or risk for them. On the other hand, LED warehouse lighting can be programmed and tuned to include light wavelengths that improve the alertness of employees and 

Warehouse LED lighting

give them an opportunity to see fine details in the products that they are working on, further reducing the risk of errors.

Meeting the carbon footprint goals of warehouses is a priority for many companies or organisations, therefore LED lighting can be a great way to achieve this. LED bulbs and fixtures contain no hazardous materials that will contaminate landfills when they reach the end of their life span. As well as this, LED warehouse lighting consumes less energy, therefore making the entire process more environmentally friendly.

Fluorescent tubes are notoriously noisy, especially if they have been used for an extended amount of time, which can be distracting. They tend to give off clicking sounds intermittently, but most annoyingly, they can produce a low buzzing sound. LEDs do not have this problem and operate silently with no annoying flickering noises.